120 Minutes down the Drain…

Oh my god talk about flash back city… I remember always been tired in school on Mondays because I would stay up late on Sunday and watch 120 Minutes…

Over on Pop Candy there was a post by Whitney Matheson about a blog that features youtube videos of the music that they use to play on 120 Minutes… Any one else remember Dave Kendall?

Behind the cut I will hide a huge list of links to some of my favorite videos…

The Replacements – When It Began

The Replacements – Achin’ To Be

The Smits – Panic

Possum Dixon – Watch The Girl Destroy Me

The Cure-Just Like Heaven

TMBG – Istanbul

TMBG – Birdhouse in your soul

Social Distortion – Ball And Chain

Violent Femmes – I Held Her In My Arms

Trip Shakespeare – Pearle before they were semisonic…

Next time I go out of town and have to ask someone to watch my cats I am so going to use this approach.

Hauser Over at The Total Recall Blog posted a link to this this image of the Alien from Alien and it cracked me up…

Oh man… I dont really buy to much for toys any more, but I just might have to pick a set of the NEW GOD figures based on Jack Kirby’s art up just because.

Sci Fi has a review of Monster Planet by David Wellington up over on their website. I ve read a handful of Zombie books as of late and the first two books in this series (Monster Island and Monster Nation) are the only ones that I can think of off the top of my head that were actually truely good.

My LJ Friend Grant Gould is featured on the Star Wars webstie I think that I am giving up on trading card sets though… I have purchased way to many full boxes of cards and have yet to get a sketch card by one of the people I want… From now on I am just going to comission sketch cards from them and put the money right into their pockets…

And as long as I am talking Grant Gould… He has joined the ranks of Daily Deviant for his Gandalf picture… Now I can say I know two Deviants…


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