101 robots…

Thanks to everyone who has helped out with this! The list has now reached 137! 36 more then I need so I can pick and choose. I didnt take some suggestions, for the most part if it was a vehicles with a computer I wont be using it… In otherwords goodbye to KITT, HAL, and Rickety Rocket.

I also dont think that I will be using any “human” based robots. These robots need to be easily ID’ed as a robot even if you are not familliar with the source material.

so here it is… the latest updated version.

1.Robbie the Robot – From Forbiden Planet
2.Gort – The Day the Earth Stood Still
4.C3po – Star Wars
5.R2-D2 – Star Wars
6.R5-D4 – Star Wars
7.Power Droid (Gonk) – Star Wars
8.Huey, Duey and Louiee from Silent Running
9.Marvin – Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy Movie
10.Marvin – Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy TV Show
11.Old BOB – The Black Hole
12.VINCENT – The Black Hole
13.Maximiilium – The Black Hole
14.Bicentenial Man
15.Box – Logans Run
17.ED209 – Robocop
18.#5 – Short Circuit
19.Borg – Star Trek
20.Optimus Prime – Transformers
21.Megatron – Transformers
22.Roboz – Riptide
23.Dot Matrix – Spaceballs
24.Hal – 2001
25.Servo – MST3K
26.Crow – MST3K
27.Gypsy – MST3K
28.Zero – Earth2
29.Cyberman – Doctor Who Original Version
30.Cyberman – Doctor Who 80’s Version
31.Cyberman – Doctor Who New Version
32.Giant Robot – Doctor Who
33.K-9 – Doctor Who
34.Kryten – Red Dwarf
35.Sonny – I Robot
36.B9 – Lost in Space TV
37.B9 – Lost in Space Movie
38.Bender – Futurama
39.Security Robot – Chopping Mall
40.ABC Warrior – 2000ad
43.Twiki – Buck Rogers
44.Crichton – Buck Rogers
45.Cylon – Classic BSG
46.Muffet – Classic BSG
47.Lucifer – Classic BSG
48.Cylon – NEW BSG
49.Rosie – Jetsons
50.Conky – PeeWee’s Playhouse
51.Robots from Batteries not included
52.Andy the Android – Quark
53.Herbie – Fantastic Four
54.Data – ST:TNG
55.Sentinal – XMEN
56.Clank – Ratchet and Clank video game
59.Tobor – Tobor
60.Rodney Copperbottom – Robots
61.Bigweld – Robots
62.Cappy – Robots
63.Aunt Fanny – Robots
64.Ratchet – Robots
65.Iron Giant
66.Tinman – Wizard of Oz
67.Doomsday – Star Trek
68.Anne Droid – Doctor Who
69.Robot from Tripping the Riff
70.BattleDroid – Star Wars
71. Probot – Star Wars
72.Pit Droids – Star Wars
73.8d8 – Star Wars
74.9d9 – Star Wars
75.Super Battle Droid – Star Wars
76.IG-88 – Star Wars
77.Mouse Droid – Star Wars
78.2-1B – Star Wars
79.Waitress Droid – Star Wars(AOTC)
80.Bad Bots – Backyardigans
81.Mars Lander – Real Life
82.B.E.N. – Treasure Planet
83.Maria – Metropolis
84.Romba – Real Life
85.Ultron – Avengers
86.Vision – Avengers
87.Eve – WallE
88.Mogura – Godzilla v Space Godzilla
89.Jet Jaguar – G vs Megalon
90.DRD’s – Farscape
91.rock em sock em robots
92.Robot owl – Clash of the Titans
93.t-bob – M.A.S.K.
94.BATS – G.I.Joe
95.4-LOM – Star Wars
96.Sentrys – Flash Gordon Cartoon
97.S.T.A.R.S – The Black Hole
98.7zark7 – Battle of the Planets
99.1-Rover-1 – Batlle of the planets
100. Horde Trooper
101. Dragstor
102. Multi-Bot
103. Neon Genesis robots
104. Ghost in the Shell robots
105. replicants in Blade Runner
106.heimi – Get Smart
107.The clockwork robot (Karl Ruprecht Kroenen) – Hellboy
108.The robots from Ice Pirates
109.The Raston Warrior Robot, from Dr. Who
110. Big O from Anime Series
111.Shogun Warriors
112.Any good robot from Battlebot
113.Robots from Runaway (bad Tom Selleck movie of the 80s)
114.Brainiac, a Superman villian
115.the common robotic assembly line worker, from real life
116.The robot clown from the movie FX
117.Evil Cyborg from the movie Nemesis
118.AIBO (Japanese robotic puppy)
119. WestWorld Robots
120. Flexo – Futurama
121. Angelina – Futurama
122. Evil RoboSanta – Futurama
123. Robot Helper from the Power Rangers
124. Mousers – TMNT
125. RoboTurtles – TMNT
126. Roboto – HEMAN
127. Metenack – HEMAN
128. Dynomutt
129. Rickety Rocket
130. Cybermat – Doctor Who
131. Atomic Robo
132. Amazing Screw-On Head
133. Tomy Wind-up
134. Tomy Omni-Bot
135.Pris – Bladerunner
136.Robotman (comic strip Monty & Robotman)
137.Manhunters – DC comics


4 Responses to “101 robots…”

  1. November 10, 2008 at 1:58 am

    You don’t have any mechas! That should give you at least 36!

    Mechas from Evangelion, Escaflowne, Gundam, Robotech, Macross, Code Geass…..and everything else ever.

    FLCL has that robot dude, too. In addition to mechas.

    • November 10, 2008 at 2:08 am

      I knew that there had to be a ton in that field, but I know little to nothing about Anime/Manga field. I am going to go with what I have for now. BUT I might come back to pick your brain closer to the end of the year… someone has challenged me to do a year of Robots and I am seriously thinking of doing starting Jan 1st.

  2. November 10, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    Hey- if you make a seperate journal for this would you mind friending me? I can’t wait to see these!

    • November 11, 2008 at 2:30 pm

      these will be posted here. But if you havent yey then you should check out 88 day of 88 Faces! it is kind of behind right now because of scanner issues but I hope to have at least a digital photo uploaded when I go home tonight… same with my monster a day sketches…

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