Thursday Comics

I will be posting Comic reviews and what not on Thursdays. That way I have time to get them and digest them instead of rushing to post…

Having said that I have nothing from yesterday. Red has been sick since Tuesday which means we have not gone anywhere. So instead, a trade that I have read as of late:

Mouse Guard – When this comic first came out I read the first couple issues and just wasnt really that impressed with it. Then when the big EBAY price rocket took place, I figured what the heck… Might as well make some money, and I did a lot of it. Time passed the first series Fall 1152 wrapped up and came out in a collection. Then last October sitting at my table at Fallcon I ran into a friend from the comic shop days and we got to talking about what we had read of late. When he found out I had not read this he just went off on what I was missing. We have always had very similar taste in comics so on his recomendation I choose to give it another go. I loved it. I have to say that this is probably now in my top five reads of all time, Right up there with the Bone Saga. David Petersen does an amazing job of creating a story of betrayal and adventure and tells it with some amazing art work ( I always thought that the art was amazing…).

Mouse Guard

Mouse Guard members Saxon, Kenzie and Lieam are sent out by Gwendolyn, the leader of the Mouse Guard to find a missing Grain merchent. What they find instead is a conspiracy that threatens the mice world. They have to act quickly to try to prevent the events from unfolding before the winter sets in.

There is a follow up story, Winter 1152, taking place in individual issues right now. There have been so major delays in it publishing due to money problems with the publisher but things looking like they are back on track with some copies of #5 being made available in advance of the instore date this weekend at the NYCC.


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