Books – Queen & Country Gentleman’s Game

n150908Greg Rucka’s
A Gentleman’s Game.

There where three things that first got me to pick up the Queen and Country comics.
1. The covers that Tim Sale did for the books.


2. Steve Rolston’s art on the first story arc, Operation : Broken Ground.


and of Course,

3. Greg Rucka.

Greg Rucka is one of my all time favorite comic writers. His work on Batman and Detective comics were the stories that first started me reading Batman.

Queen and Country was a creation of his own for ONI Press. Q&A follows Tara Chace, a Minder with Special Operations Section (SIS) on her various missions.

In a Gentleman’s Game we see a terrorist organization setting off bombs in the London underground killing numerous civilians. From there the story takes off as the SIS is assigned the task of taking action. Tara Chace is assigned the task of tracking down and taking out the mastermind behind the attacks. Which she does very well.

It was nice seeing these charecters in a new light. I really enjoyed seeing a bit more depth then you normally get in a floppy. I am really looking forward to reading the second book in this series!

The book goes to places where the comics have not gone. Going deeper into what makes Tara tick then they where able to before, while at the same time keeping the suspense and thrills intact.

Next up : book 2 in the series Private Wars


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