Piper May, Private Eye.


So today begins what I hope to make a weekly feature. Each week I plan to post a chapter of my story. This story will unfold here in the blog in the raw form. Eventually, hopefully… to be converted into a graphic novel in a more refined form… we will see.

The story, is that of Piper May. A old school detective in a glitzy new world of crime solving. Trying to make her way as she competes against the new firm across town.

The image to the left is the latest version of the charecter design Piper May in this tale. As I go along I might post some early sketches or what not as it seems to fit. For now though, lets stop wasting time and post the start of the story.

I hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave feedback.


It was a dark and Stormy night, and there was a sense of dread in the air. Outside the window the glow of the neon light illuminated the rain as it poured out of the sky and into her life.

That was all that was on the paper that she sat and stared at in the typewriter. She figured that if she wasn’t going to be working cases that she might as well write about them. Although so far all that had ended up doing for her is leaving her angry at herself for the cliché ridden lines on the paper.

She wanted a case, pure and simple. She didn’t want to write about them she wanted to solve them. Unfortunately since the firm of young upstarts had opened their glitzy firm across town the jobs had slowed down to a slow trickle at best. So she sat here, on a bright sunny morning day dreaming about dark and stormy nights…

* * *

It was a dark night, a small desk lamp lite a small area on the desk and neon tinted the rest from the street.

A pair of feet sat in the center of the desk plotter the lamp spotlighting them like a pair of actors in a play ready for their big scene. The paper still sat in the typewriter, nothing changed since the afternoon. She on the other hand was out cold, bottle in her arms leaning back in her chair.

The rap on the door woke her, but did not bring about movement. It was about this time every night that Johnny showed up, so why should she bother. “come on in” she grumbled from under the hat that she had used to shade her eyes that afternoon. She heard the door swing open and heard three foot falls that obviously came from a High heeled shoes and not Johnnys flat feet. Sitting up with a jerk her feet hit the floor and she had crossed the was across the room in a flash and turning on an overhead light.

“am I disturbing something” the new comer asked looking down with a disapproving air at the beer bottle still clutched in Piper’s hand.

“By no means, I was just sitting her having a soda” she replied setting down the bottle on the desk revealing the whole label. “the Hardest thing I ever drink is ‘Doc’s Old Fashion Root Beer’ I was just expecting a friend, not a client at this time of night. So what can I do for you. I assume it must be something serious for you to be out at this time of night.”

“Someone is out to kill me” she blurtted out holding her small purse to her chest as if it might protect her “and I need someone to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“Well then, we best sit down and talk about this” Piper said as she pulled out the guest chair and guided her to it with a sweeping hand gesture.


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