Cleaning out the Links and other assorted nonsense…

Well, I never post a book review yesterday. That is mainly due to the fact that I didn’t finish reading a book in this past week. What can I say, that is going to happen from time to time. Specialy during the school year I just dont get the amount of time I would like to devote to reading. I am a little over half way through MONSTER PLANET though and have a realitivly free weekend so I should have one for next week with out a problem.

Now on to cleaning out all the links and what not that I have been saving up for the past lord knows how long…

First off is a Doctor Who Anime. I found this one a while ago, and to be honest I can not remember if I ever posted it before so forgive me if I have… seriously though it is so cool that you should be watching it at least twice anyway.

I really wish that there was a way to put the movie trailers from apple right into a web page but there is not so you have to follow the links to go see them… First out of the gate is a remake of The Taking of Pelham 123, I really loved this movie. When I really love an original I get real nervous when they remake it. Hopefully they will do as well with this one as they did with the Poseidon Adventure. Next up in my series of movie trailers is GI JOE, as a GI JOE movie I think that this trailer looks horrible. I think that the look of the team is all wrong. Having said that as a big bang exploding in your face action movie I think this looks pretty freaking cool. A movie that I had hoped for for a long time finally has a trailer. Land of the Lost. I tried to keep some hope for it being a good movie when I found out about the casting… but yeah, all hope is gone now. This just looks plain stupid. Alien Trespass on the other hand looks just campy enough to be a good time, and the same goes for Super Capers, it looks like it might be what be No Heroics done on a movie budget.

Art Adams is one of my favorite artist. The detail he puts into his work and the tightness of his lines are just amazing. So one of my favorite bits of news to come out of the Comic Conventions as of late is that he has signed and exclusive deal with Marvel to to actual interior pages on a book! His short story on THE HULK book has made me miss his interiors, so this is great news.


And that is enough cleaning for one morning. Time to go make the kid breakfast…


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