Comic Babbles…

Time to babble about some of the books that I have read as of late…

UNCANNY X-MEN 510 – If I remember right this book was pushed as the return of Psylocke???? Well for a return of a character you couldn’t have had much more of a lame story. I dont think the story moved forward more then a centimeter in the whole book, and well if a character is coming back I guess I would like a little more then a few action panels and a handful of lines of dialogue.

War of Kings – I have to admit that I had no plans to read this. I thought that it was just another one of the follow ups to House of M–>Civil War–>Secret Invasion–>etc. I did not realize that it was a) It was by DNA and b) That it was part of the whole marvel cosmic universe. It wasn’t until I caught up with my reading of NOVA and Guardians of the Galaxy (two of my top five favorite comics being done today.) that I realized what it was. Having read issue one thru three in one sitting I have to tell you that this story is looking to be right on par with Annihilation and Annihilation : Conquest. Once again DNA are setting us up for a major blow up in space, this time between the Shiaar and the Kree, with all my favorite Cosmic characters and some of my favorite XMEN thrown in for extra fun. I can not say enough positive about this series… Now I just have to hunt down the Tie-ins.

Wolverine 73 – Haven’t read this one yet. I am really really annoyed with this whole we are going to delay releasing the end of a story line so we can release an issue that will fit with the movie release better first game they are doing. I will wait until after issue 72 is released and then read 73.

Secret Warriors #4- Another one of my current top five. I am really loving having a book that features Nick Fury in a major role. The return of DumDum and Gabe in this issue really added to that. I am looking forward to seeing the boys pull their little army together and start kicking some serious osborn and HYDRA butt.


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