Time for a delay…

My original plan was to start posting pages today.

That is not going to happen, for a number of reasons.

1.) The plan was to draw the first page yesterday and then post today and keep going from there. With my wife away on a work trip I have choose to devote more time to my daughter then to anything else this week. Needless to say we spent yesterday having fun instead of Dad spending it drawing.


2.) I am inspired to do this whole project because of What Kevin Cannon did with his story Far Arden. When I first started putting together the idea of doing something along those lines I had planned to do a page a day for a year. Now, after researching what he did a little, I am not sure if that is the way I want to go with this project or if I want to go more the way he did or if I want to do something totally different.

3.) Numbers effect a lot of the choices I make and the number combination of 6-12-9 wasnt really working for me. I have a different date in mind now. Going with that date will give me a little time to flesh out the details of what I want to do here and get things set up right.

So those are my reasons. With a little luck I will start posting some concept sketches and character designs in the days leading up to the start of this project.

See ya soon!

Oh and before I go, Far Arden is to be offically released this week. I read it when Kevin was serializing it on the internet and I have been looking forward to this release for some time. If you want a good fun story to read I highly recommend that you pick it up. PLus if you want a signed copy and you are a local he is doing a release party signing this Sarurday at Big Brain Comics.



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