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Hello Again…

Haven’t been posting a whole lot as of late. Not really sure why, just haven’t.

The first thing I need to do starting off this post is to issue a great big Thank You! to a number of people…

First off the wonderful Moggy! Not only did she donate to me when I was trying to raise a little bit of funds to keep my FLICKR account going but she cross posted it to her blog! Which I am sure where a couple of the others came from.

Another Thank you to rono64 from Livejournal and the other three people who donated annonymously for giving! rono64 does a webcomic called Project Auberdem that I have been enjoying. It is the kind of comic that I have been trying to create. A story with that old school Flash Gordon type feel to it.

And of course to my Sister, Billsand Nathan. Who always support and encourage me in my drawing!

Oh and I almost forgot in addition to the funds to keep my account someone also sent me some items from my AMAZON wishlist. Darwyn Cooke’s new GN of Parker:The Hunter and a couple other trades! Who ever you are thank you as well!

You guys are the greatest!

All right now on to geeking on cool stuff I have seen of late!

Creature_by_SchoonzThe first piece of art is this amazing drawing of The Creature from the Black Lagoon done by Brent Schoonover . This piece is actually bound for my collection. I asked Brent to do this picture for me back in May with the understanding that it would not be started until he got a lot of other projects wrapped up. I am hoping that since he has posted a scan of this piece that that means Volume 2 of Astronaut Dad has been wrapped up and we will be seeing the book on the shelves soon!

This is a great piece and will make a great addition to my Creature collection! I can not wait for it to arrive.

Nailed_It_by_ZackulesNext up is this really cool looking one by Zack Giallongo AKA Soggytoast on LJ Zach does a great little comic called Novasett Island (I have the issues, next time I have some money I might have to get the collection.) I really like the feel of this piece. I have been on a real fantasy kick lately and this fits in perfectly. Matter of fact I think I might break out the issues and read them again!

Ok. I was going to post more, but time has run out… so maybe I will be back later…


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