Been a Long Time…

I have alot more stuff… but this has been sitting as a draft for a bit now… I will post it and start another one…

Before I start a quote I really like stole from my buddy Michael May’s blog:

When did fans get the idea that they could dictate content to creators? If you aren’t enjoying something, stop buying/watching/reading it. (And if the overall ongoing story gets to a place you’d like even more, you’ll feel like an idiot for not having any patience or trust in the creators.) If they’re creating something you like, then have a little faith.
Johanna Draper Carlson, on the stupidity of fan entitlement.

So I lost houseofduck.com. Wasnt paying attention and it expired and someone else snatched it up. oh well such is life. Was time to move on from that anyway.

I am going to keep posting babble blogs here with links and opinions and reviews and what not, but since I no longer have HOD, I have started a new website all together. This one I am going to host art posts and comics that I make. I have about three months worth of three time a week comics that I could start posting, and hope to do so sometime early next month. More details on that as I get details ironed out.

So links then, lets clear out some of these things I have saved!

Not a big collector of Minimates, but I have to tell you I will be buying the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON SETS!

The COVERED blog is doing an art show in LA, man I wish I would win the lottery so I could jet off for things like this!

If I still wore TSHIRTS, I would probably wear this one

Lego and Escher, what could be better?


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