30 Day Challenge – Day Seven: Favorite TV Show

Current or of All-Time???

Currently I don’t think there is a whole lot on that is really that great.

Although I have been on a real spy kick as of late so I have been getting into Burn Notice and Covert Affairs on the USA network. I caught the preview of Rubicon but none of the other episodes so I am holding judgment on that one for now… I think it has some high potential to be a really good show though.

If we are going to say of all time… Then I think I am probably going to have to go with Battlestar Galactica.

Yes, I am talking about the original. Don’t get me wrong, I love the remake and own all the DVD’s and have watched it multiple times. The original is something special though. First off. I watched it with my father. probably the last really geeky thing that we bonded over before he died of Cancer, so it has some hardcore nostalgia factor for me. Second of all, BSG hit the air waves shortly after STAR WARS took the world by storm. Back then the Sci-Fi/Geek world wasn’t what it is today. It was a lot smaller. So all of us who where totally blown away by Star Wars where desperately craving some shoot ’em up space cowboy shows. Battlestar with it’s stock footage and predictable story lines and over all cheese factor gave us fanboys just that.


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