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30 Day Challenge – Day 27: A Picture Of Where You’re From

Where you are from could mean so many different places. I mean when I first thought about it I thought of a picture of the planet earth but that is just the space geek in me. Right now I live on the outer ring of the Minneapolis area, and by outer I mean OUTER… might even qualify as a suburb of St.Cloud at this point. Before that it was Blaine and Anoka and Brooklyn Center… but in the beginning, which is what I decided to go with, It was nordeast Minneapolis. Thus I give you a picture (stolen from Google) of my childhood home!


30 Day Challenge – Day 26 : A Picture From One Of The Greatest Days Of Your Life

This one is an easy one:

One of my favorite pictures from our wedding.


30 Day Challenge – Day Twenty-Five: One Of Your Most Prized Possessions

They might not really truly be possessions, but these three are of course the three most prized things in my life.

I mean come on, look at that smile on the one in front. How could that not be one of my most prized… Mama, Red and Goldie…

There is nothing I would not do for the three of them and in a fire they are the only worry I would have about saving.


30 Day Challenge – Day Eighteen: Favorite Board Game

I dont really play board games that often, so I dont have a favorite. I do have one that I remember very fondly from my childhood though. That would be the 20000 Leagues Under the Sea board game.

I remember that we had gone to some family event at the Moose Lodge with my family and the kids had all been put in a large auditorium where we sat and watched Laurel and Hardy and Little Rascal films. When the films where done as we all left the auditorium the girls where given a stuffed animal and the boys where given this game… Makes me think it must have been around Christmas time.

I loved this game when I was a child with the Subs and gunboats….

I have bid on copies of it a couple times on ebay but never won.


30 Day Challenge – Day Ten: Favorite Outfit

For some reason I have no photos of me in my favorite outfit… It is a blue collar work shirt, jeans, my orange tie and red hoodie… as it goes though I did draw myself in that outfit a while back for a art meme where you were supposed to draw yourself as a teen and then as an adult. So here you go!


30 Day Challenge – Day Eight: Recent Picture Of Yourself

I am switching the numbering up a little, what was #8 is now #30…

There are not that many recent pictures of me. It is not that I fight having my picture taken, it is more about the fact that I am usually the one behind the camera. Some one did grab a picture of me at Springcon a couple of months ago though. So here you go!

I am the one in the white shirt on the left, My buddy Josh Brown is the one on the right. I seriously love the kid right behind my head doing the funky dance in the aisle! That is classic.

If I get some time this weekend maybe I will get my wife to snap some pics of me and add to this post.


30 Day Challenge – Day Seven: Favorite TV Show

Current or of All-Time???

Currently I don’t think there is a whole lot on that is really that great.

Although I have been on a real spy kick as of late so I have been getting into Burn Notice and Covert Affairs on the USA network. I caught the preview of Rubicon but none of the other episodes so I am holding judgment on that one for now… I think it has some high potential to be a really good show though.

If we are going to say of all time… Then I think I am probably going to have to go with Battlestar Galactica.

Yes, I am talking about the original. Don’t get me wrong, I love the remake and own all the DVD’s and have watched it multiple times. The original is something special though. First off. I watched it with my father. probably the last really geeky thing that we bonded over before he died of Cancer, so it has some hardcore nostalgia factor for me. Second of all, BSG hit the air waves shortly after STAR WARS took the world by storm. Back then the Sci-Fi/Geek world wasn’t what it is today. It was a lot smaller. So all of us who where totally blown away by Star Wars where desperately craving some shoot ’em up space cowboy shows. Battlestar with it’s stock footage and predictable story lines and over all cheese factor gave us fanboys just that.

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