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Six Years Ago Today…


Six years ago today, the weather was in 90+ fairenheit degrees… Outside.

Inside the unairconditioned little steepled church that we were to be married in it was a lot hotter.

Six years latter we have a four year old and a little one coming up on one month, and it all seems like it was yesterday.

As the saying goes, Time flies by when you are having fun.

Well, Thank you for the five funnest… greatest… happiest years of my life MAMADUCK!

Happy Aniversary!


random stuff

Time to start clearing out all the links that I have been stacking up in my favorites list…

First off, I love the idea of seeing old movies on the big screen… even if they are B Movies. That is why I am going to try to make it down to The Historic Mounds Theater for their Classic Horror Movie DOUBLE BILL Night. They will be showing “The Screaming Skull” and “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die!“.

Next up is Derek Kirk Kim who has started posting his latest GN TUNE online.

I am a little ticked off at the exsistence of WINCHESTER, I Have been working on a story outline for a similar story for sometime now… Guess I was to slow. You can bet I will be getting this book though, I love the Winchester Mansion legend.


Time to get in shape…

joined a challenge at the YMCA, The Challenge runs from July 6th until August 6th.

Have to walk/run 26.5 miles, Swim 2.5 miles and Bike 118 Miles in the course of 1 month.

By this time next month I will
a.)be in better shape
b.)In a ICU ward at the local hospital after my heart gives out.

I think I will try to keep a progress report going here on the internet, that way if you all see me slacking or falling behind you can yell at me or encourage me (which ever fits your personallity better.) to get going and get caught up.

Having said all that I should probably get up and stop being lazy and get to the Y.

Starting Weight : 248.2 Pounds
Week One Walking : 1.2 Miles
Week One Biking : 1.4 Miles
Week One Swimming :

Week Two Walking :
Week Two Biking :
Week Two Swimming :

Week Three Walking :
Week Three Biking :
Week Three Swimming :

Week Four Walking :
Week Four Biking :
Week Four Swimming :

Week Five Walking :
Week Five Biking :
Week Five Swimming :


Time for a delay…

My original plan was to start posting pages today.

That is not going to happen, for a number of reasons.

1.) The plan was to draw the first page yesterday and then post today and keep going from there. With my wife away on a work trip I have choose to devote more time to my daughter then to anything else this week. Needless to say we spent yesterday having fun instead of Dad spending it drawing.


2.) I am inspired to do this whole project because of What Kevin Cannon did with his story Far Arden. When I first started putting together the idea of doing something along those lines I had planned to do a page a day for a year. Now, after researching what he did a little, I am not sure if that is the way I want to go with this project or if I want to go more the way he did or if I want to do something totally different.

3.) Numbers effect a lot of the choices I make and the number combination of 6-12-9 wasnt really working for me. I have a different date in mind now. Going with that date will give me a little time to flesh out the details of what I want to do here and get things set up right.

So those are my reasons. With a little luck I will start posting some concept sketches and character designs in the days leading up to the start of this project.

See ya soon!

Oh and before I go, Far Arden is to be offically released this week. I read it when Kevin was serializing it on the internet and I have been looking forward to this release for some time. If you want a good fun story to read I highly recommend that you pick it up. PLus if you want a signed copy and you are a local he is doing a release party signing this Sarurday at Big Brain Comics.



Happy Birthday Donald Duck!

donald_duckDonald Duck.

I love Donald Duck. I have never been a very big Mickey Mouse fan, in fact I would almost say I hate Mickey Mouse, but I love Donald Duck.

Donald Duck was the everyman. A little hot-headed, always having things go wrong… struggling to make it through the day. That is why I loved Donald Duck. Even when I was younger I found it much easier to like a character with real personality and faults.

Donald by Don Rosa

Donald by Don Rosa

75 years ago today a Disney short was released by the name of The Wise Little Hen. This short marked the first appearance of Donald Duck. Donald would have a long career at Disney, and would at times surpass Disney’s Mickey Mouse in popularity. Donald, according to the Disney Comics Worldwide site, has appeared in over 150 cartoons. That is a pretty impressive number in my opinion.

These days Donald and his family live on in comics. Living off of a rich and well built family and history created for him by the great Duck artist Carl Barks in the town of Duckburg and kept going by the equally as great Don Rosa and others.

In the United States Donald is not as popular as he once was, but in Eurpoe he continues to thrive. Each year Tons of new comics are released and the Duck’s adventures continue. While here his fate is up in the air for the time being. With financial problems sending Gemstone publishing the way of the DODO the future of Disney comics is up in the air… With a little luck another company with enough love and respect for the characters will pick up the liscence and do right by them.







New 360 from MS

Ok, When this comes out I will break down and by a new gamesystem…

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