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TOMD – Dalek


What geeks desk could be complete without a Dalek sitting next to the computer. Of course the Desk would be even more complete if it had a Cyberman and Sontaran standing with the Dalek. Those will be added someday, when I have a job again or when I win the lottery.

The three of them (dalek,cyberman and sontaran) hold a special place for my geek heart. When I first found Dr. Who as a young geek it was watching the Tom Baker Episodes Genesis of the Daleks,Sontarran Experiment and Revenge of the Cybermen. As much as I love the current run of Dr. Who these episodes will always be the best in my mind. The Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan taking on the galaxies worst to save the day.


Moving the Office…

It had to happen eventually. We are finally moving the office desk out of the living room and making it back into a living room and nothing else. So that means our office space needs a new home. So what are we to do???

Why, get rid of the dinning are off of the kitchen. We barely ever use it, and we both need more space for our work. So it is off to work that I go.

For my desk, I have deceided to convert a table into a workstation. Taking a simple snap together shelf system from Target I created a Hutch for the back of the desk. which then became the home for all my computer stuff and various nick-nacks.


I still have a lot of moving of stuff and getting settled in, but I already love it. I have much more room to work with now. Both at the desk and the counter space behind the desk. That is going to be very helpful with some of the projects I have coming up.

Of course, sadly I will not have as much room for nick-nacks in my new setup. A select few are going to be allowed to stay on the desk, but most of them are going down to the dungeon that is my studio space… so TOYS ON MY DESK might have to become TOYS IN MY STUDIO…

A binfull of items already sentenced to a life in the Dungeon…DSC_0218


TOMD – Artist Donald


Yet another Donald Duck in my collection. This one was given to me by my wife for our anniversary last year. As you can see it shows the modern Donald painting a picture of his early self.

This piece was bought from the Disney Online store and has since sold out. This is probably my favorite item of all my items on my desk.


TOMD – More Marvel Superhero Squad


I had never really read much when it came to Hawkeye, and I had only read slightly more when it came to Captain America. Like so many other charecters though there has always been something that appealed to me about their costume design.

As of late I have been reading a lot of Captain America, and enjoying it. I have also been getting more exposure to Hawkeye in some of the current Marvel titles. He seems to come with a lot of baggage. Still though I like him. I plan on finding out a whole lot more on his back story. I recently added the Marvel Premiere Classic Hardcover focusing on Hawkeye to my collection.HAWKEYE_MPHC_DM

Captain America and Hawkeye were released together in one of the very first waves of the toy line. I know Captain America has gone on to have a number of different versions released, but I dont ever remember seeing another version of Hawkeye.

The two pack of these heroes can frequently be found on Ebay, and most of the time at a pretty reasonable price.


TOMD – The Beast

The Beast has always been one of my favorite Mutants. I first was introduced to the charecter in the Defenders, where he first showed up in issue #104 and continued with the team until the end of the series. From that point The Beast continued to influence my comic reading. I followed him into what ever comics he appeared in. From the forming of X-Factor and into crossovers with the Uncanny X-Men.

The Beast is sitting on my desk in two different versions. The Large version comes from a toy line from a few years back called Spiderman and Friends. The line started up at about the same time as the Marvel Superhero Squad and survived for a number of waves but ultimatly lost out to the smaller cheaper line.

beastThe Second Beast that is on my desk comes from the Marvel Superhero Squad line. The Beast has appeared many times in this toyline, but sadly this is the only version in my desk clutter so far. I have a couple other Beast toys in my work area in the basement, but not enough in my opinion.
While I was writing this, I did an ebay search to track down the name of the toyline that the Large Beast came from. While doing this I found out just how many other cool Beast toys are out there, and all I can say is that I am really lucky that I am broke right now. Otherwise there would be one heck of a Beast buying frenzy…

That reminds me, I should check my ticket and see if I won the lottery.


Who of my friends going to SDCC wants to help me?

I have a child who is a major cars freak…

does someone want to pick up one of these exclusives for me?



TOMD – Kit Fisto


Yet another Background character from Star Wars. Although he does get more screen time then most, and a lot more in the various cartoons. Sadly like most of the Jedi Kit met an untimly end in Revenge of the Sith. So far I have three different versions of Kit Sitting on my desk. The Mini Galactic Hero version, One of the Action figures and The Kit Fisto bust.


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