So what is House of Duck?

Well House of Duck is me. A while back I picked up the nickname of Duck and I have been using it for an internet ID ever sense… It has had many forms… Eboladuck, Crayduck,BobaDuck… and many others. When I finally settled down and got married and had a family, it only seemed fitting that I would then be a House of Duck.

What is HOD?

HOD = House of Duck. Simple abbreviation.

Who am I?

I go by Charles Raymond when I give a name on the internet. I try not to use my last name for the sake of privacy. I am someone who is rushing up on 40 years old and trying to stay a kid. I do this by drawing cartoons reading comics and being an over all geek. I have a Wonderful wife (who gets called MamaDuck if I refer to her on the internet) and Beautiful daughter (who is referred to as Red or BabyDuck on the internet…). I have way to many projects in development. My goal is to some day make a comic of my own…

Is there a set posting schedule?

Yes. Although I do reserve the right not to post if nothing has really jumped out tin the past week to warrant it or to post something sooner if I want to…

Monday – Toys on my Desk
Tuesday – Television
Wednesday – Books and/or Piper May chapter.
Thursday – Comics
Friday – Movies and DVD’s
Saturday – Links collected over the week
Sunday – Streaming Videos

All ready changed my mind about Saturdays and Sundays they are now going to be:

Saturday – The Making of a Geek.
Sunday – Artist to Watch

Links and videos will be posted as I find them and want to post them.

There will also being a couple on going essay style posts. These will not have any set schedule they will just happen when I am moved to write them.

The ones I know that I am going to be doing as of right now are:

Classic Geek Characters.
Haunted Places.
Making up Stories.
The Making of a Geek.
Artist to Watch.


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