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Foot in the Door, Not so much…

I went down to the Minneapolis Institute of art last night as part of one of my classes. We were supposed to go see the Foot in the Door opening, but upon seing the line we thought better of that and wondered around the rest of the exhibits instead. So as a follow up this morning I thought I would post some links to some of my favorite pieces from the various collections.

The Promenades of Euclid by René Magritte – This is by far my favorite piece of everything at MIA. I first saw it in elementary school on a field trip. I love the concept of the canvas on the easel matching perfectly with the view out the window. I actually have a print of this piece that I keep to stare at when I need some inspiration.

The Intrigue by James Ensor – I am really not sure what makes me like this one so much. There is something a little morbid in a crowd of what I think is a crowd of dead or dying people (most of there eyes are rolled to the sky and if you look at the large version you can see death peaking in at them from the left hand edge of the painting.)

View of Dresden: Schlossplatz by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner – I can sum this one in just one word. Color! I love the color scheme here, which is kind of funny seeing as how I do not see full spectrum on Blues and Greens.

Channel to the Mills by Edwin M. Dawes – this is a new one to my list of favorites. I don’t remember ever having seen this one there before. I love the color pallet but more then that I love the way the crack in the ice leads the eye into the painting and up to the cityscape.

London: St. Paul’s Cathedral seen from the Thames by André Derain – Another piece that can be explained in Color alone.

City Night by Georgia O’Keeffe – This is another new one to me. I dont recall having seen it before. What is really amazing to me though is that it is a Georgia O’Keeffe. I don’t recall having ever liked anything of her’s that I have seen before. I really like this one though. Again for the color scheme and also for the use of perspective in the piece.

The Denial of St. Peter by Gerrit van Honthorst – I love the darkness of this piece. Fitting for the moment of the story. I also like the intense warm glow in the center. Something about it just speaks to the scene and what is going on. Even though Peter is denying Jesus in this moment the light still surrounds him in a protecting glow.

Job and His Friends by Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps – From a book of the Bible I have read more then once. I think what I like the most about this one is simply how the artist has laid it out. I thought it was a good use of the space. Of course again While Job is in the darkness during his bad times the light lingers in the background waiting.

I have to warn you this next one is a little on the gore side.

Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist by Onorio Marinari – I can’t even think of away to explain why I like this one. There is something about it that just moves me.

so there you have it. Some of my favorite things that I looked at last night.


A Year and a Day…

**Crossposted from the home of my new webcomic**

A Year and a Day is going to be an ongoing attempts at insanity.

Starting July 8th 2009 this will be the home of my ongoing as yet to be titled webcomic.

Further details will be posted Monday June 14th 2009.


Summer Commissions Open…

Have a lot of free time on my hands and I am willing to draw pretty pictures for anyone who wants them…




Tried doing my first USTREAM today… not that good. Cant figure out how to get the sound to work, and I really have to figure out the lighting better…

But hey, it was still fun!


I am so pathetic…

I know I have not been keeping up with posting to the blogs and all that, just a lot more work this semester then what I was counting on… I promise to fix that soon!

For now here is a real cool little video you should check out…


Artist to Watch – Patrick Schoenmaker



A lot of the artist I follow I first found from their work on doing sketch cards for various trading card sets.

081106_moseisley01_smallPatrick Schoenmaker is one of those artist. I am not really sure if I can explain what it is about his work that I like. There is just something about it that appeals to me. So seriously take a couple minutes and just go out there and check out what he does!



Reasons I dont do a ustream broadcast of me drawing like all the cool artist are:

I have been watching some cool artist stream a video feed as they work as of late….
otis frampton
Dani Jones

1. Although I am getting better, I dont think I am that good yet.

2. I would be constintly inturupted by littleduck.

3. I have a tendency to draw with my nose just inches from the paper so the camera wouldnt see much.

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