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Day in the Life…

So, I got up this morning totally filled with energy. Because of this (and the fact that the phone repair man was coming) I spent the whole morning cleaning the house. This place is cleaner now then it has been in ages. I still have a lot more I want to get done. I have deceided that we have to much clutter in our life, and now I am in the process of trying to do something about that. I have this feeling that there is a major Garage sale in store for us this summer.

So part of the cleaning was going through the stack of counter clutter from the kitchen and figuring out what needed to be shredded and what was going to recycling… It has been about a month since the last time I did this, As I was going through everything I started to notice the same large green envelope in large numbers. There was 13 pieces of the very same junk mail from Hartford Insurance. How annoying can you get.

The phone guy came and went, we have working phones again… apparently the phone has been out for awhile and we just didnt notice. shows how social we are.

Ok. Back to cleaning.


Wow… I fell behind on posting.

I took some time off there. Needed to get caught up on a lot of stuff around the house and worked on some projects, as well as taking a trip to visit the inlaws. I am back now though and plan to do a bunch of posts today to try to catch up on some stuff….

Posts I missed:
2 artist Sundays
2 Make a Geek Saturday
2 DVD Fridays (Not sure if I will bother with this one)
2 Comic Thursday (Not sure if I will bother with this one)
1 Book Wednesday (have this one partially done just need to wrap it up)
1 TV Tuesday (Not sure if I will bother with this one)
1 TOMD Monday


Barefoot Gen…

I saw this video on the local PBS when I was about seven or eight, It is when I realized that maybe there was something more to war then just playing with toy guns in the backyard… Gave me nightmares for decades after…

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