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A Literary Geek Meme in 1 Part

A Literary Geek Meme in 1 Part

1) What author do you own the most books by?

Robert A Heinlein. Own everything he wrote in one form or another. Slowly trying to get all the Hardcovers.

2) What book do you own the most copies of?

The Land that Time Forgot by Edgar Rice Burroughs I own a first edition HC, three different paperback versions (Bought for the different covers) and The Modern version of all three books of the series all collected together.

3) Did it bother you that both those questions ended with prepositions?

Nope I have horrible grammar and writing skills so why would I care?

4) What fictional character are you secretly in love with?

Tara Chace from Greg Rucka’s Queen and Country series.

4a) What fictional character would you most like to be?

Someone who has survived the end of the world type outbreak (along with my family I wouldnt want to have to watch them die)…

4b) What fictional character do you think most resembles you?

Donald Duck.

5) What book have you read the most times in your life?

The Stand by Stephen King.

6) What was your favorite book when you were ten years old?

The Tripod Trilogy.

7) What is the worst book you’ve read in the past year?

World War Z. It wasnt a bad book. I was just a little let down after all the hype.

8 ) What is the best book you’ve read in the past year?

The Secret life of Harry Houdini

9) If you could force everyone you tagged to read one book, what would it be?

Traction Man meets Turbo Dog. Just to make sure to remind people that life should be fun.

10) Who deserves to win the next Nobel Prize for literature?

JK Rowling. Forget if the books themselves are “literature” look at how many people actually read a book because of her.

11) What book would you most like to see made into a movie?

Nothing, I am always so let down in the movies…

12) What book would you least like to see made into a movie?

Anything I have read.

13) Describe your weirdest dream involving a writer, book, or literary character.

When I read the Monster Island series I kept dreaming I was a zombie fighter.

14) What is the most lowbrow book you’ve read as an adult?

The Conan the Barbarian series.

15) What is the most difficult book you’ve ever read?

Les Miserables.

16) What is the most obscure Shakespeare play you’ve seen?


17) Do you prefer the French or the Russians?

The Russians.

18) Roth or Updike?

Updike, not a big fan of Roth.

19) David Sedaris or Dave Eggers?


20) Shakespeare, Milton, or Chaucer?


21) Austen or Eliot?


22) What is the biggest or most embarrassing gap in your reading?

Havent read a ton from the Beat Generation, and dont have much desire to.

23) What is your favorite novel?

War of the Worlds or Frankenstein.

24) Play?

Julies Ceasar by William Shakespeare.

25) Poem?

A number of different ones by ee cummings. (Tea’s Fault.)

26) Essay?

Can’t Say I have one…

27) Short story?

An occurance at Owl Creak Bridge.

28) Work of non-fiction?

The Coming Plague.

29) Who is your favorite writer?

Robert A. Heinlein.

30) Who is the most overrated writer alive today?

James Patterson. I like his books, but he is just a machine now. Doesnt even write the majority of the books with his name on them.

31) What is your desert island book?

The Stand

32) And … what are you reading right now?

I am reading all of the following right now. Each book is in a different spot and what I read is based off of where I am at the time.

DC Showcase: Blackhawks V.1
Critical Space by Greg Rucka
The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck
Flash Gordon – Mac Raboy years V.4


Books – MPC#5 Wolverine : Weapon X

This is a day early. I am going to be really busy tomorrow, so instead of setting it up to publish itself tomorrow morning i figured I would just post it now…

Who knows, maybe I will make another post that will show up tomorrow instead… if I have sometime.

Wolverine has never been a favorite of mine. I have always thought that he was an over used and a very flat character.

When I found a couple volumes of the Marvel Premiere Classic series of the Hard Covers (#5 Wolverine – Weapon X and #8 The Hulk – The End) for cheap at Half Price Books I figured I really didnt have much to lose so I picked them up.

I have to tell you, I liked Weapon X. I really did not expect to like it, but I did. I thought that the story was well done and the art was amazing. Then again, how could the art not be amazing with BWS on the book. 75827-38095-wolverine_superI have always been a fan of Barry Windsor-Smith since his days on the Conan the Barbarian book for Marvel.

The story tells how Logan is abducted by a government group who then use him for experiments as they try to create the ultimate killing machine. Needless to say, it does not go the way that they plan it to and Logan gets away one step closer to being the wolverine that we know today.

I did find it very interesting seeing what Hollywood choose to take and leave out of this story in the X-Men Origins : Wolverine movie.

The one fault I had with the story was the rhythm. When it was originally released it was in short pieces in the Marvel Comics Presents comic book series (issues #72 thru #84). The story seems to be filled with tons of little acts instead of one overall story arc.

As far as the Marvel Premiere Classic series goes, I really like the look of these books. I will soon have some more additions to my collection of these books (#6 Avengers : The Defenders War, #14 XMEN : Longshot and #22 Avengers : Hawkeye) I like how this series of hardcovers features a selection of Key Marvel stories as well as some that are off the beaten path. I also really like the look of the dust jackets for the Comic Store version of these books. I like having books on my shelf that the publishers use a consistent theme to the book design and these fit that bill.


My God I wish I would win the lottery tomorrow…

Because if I did I would so bid on this auction until I won!

I would love to have that collection. I would have to buy a new home and build a special Library room just for all my pretty books.

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I have been a little under the weather, so I am not going to post what little I have done so far… Instead, I will post this short that I did, it is basically the first story I have done with our hero… This was done in the short stretch of time that I had let someone talk me into changing the name.




Books – Monster Island


Monster Island
By David Wellington
Identify the book by author, title, and sometimes publishing information.

Monster Island is the first volume of the Monster Trilogy by David Wellington. The Monster Trilogy (Island,Nation and Planet) take place in a world that has been or is about to be over run by zombies. In other words, my kind of book.

David Wellington has chosen to present his novels in a very unique way. His novels are first presented online on his website blog a chapter at a time (yes, that is where I got the idea to post my Piper May story online.). A friend of mine. Jason Marcy, had posted about him on his blog and I had to check it out. I did end up reading one of his novels online, but for the rest I ended up buying them (partially to support him as an author and also because I wanted to be able to read them laying in bed…)

In Monster Island, the zombie plauge has already swept across the world, pockets of huhmanity survive. For the most part the earth is ruled by the undead. In Africa a warlord has saved who she could, but now she faces a problem. In a world overrun by zombies there is no flow of the AIDS medication that she needs to survive. In a desperate attempt to stay alive she sends Dekalb, a UN weapons inspector that she has kept alive, to New York in hopes of finding a stock pile of the drugs she needs. Dekalb finds himself with no choice but to honor her request since his young daughter will be held hostage until he returns.

The rest of the story unfolds as they reach New York via boat and proceed to search for the drugs while trying to avoid the undead of New York.

This book, being the first of the series was actually the second one that I read. Even though I read out of order nothing was really ruined for me. While the first and second book take place in the same world, they are only loosely connected. It is very important to have read Monster Island before Monster World though. I really enjoyed this book. Much more so then Monster Nation. I found the book to be a little more action filled and suspensful then it’s sequal.

Monster Island is a great book (dont get me wrong so is Monster Nation, Island is just better.) and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes horror or Zombie stories.


Books – Queen & Country Gentleman’s Game

n150908Greg Rucka’s
A Gentleman’s Game.

There where three things that first got me to pick up the Queen and Country comics.
1. The covers that Tim Sale did for the books.


2. Steve Rolston’s art on the first story arc, Operation : Broken Ground.


and of Course,

3. Greg Rucka.

Greg Rucka is one of my all time favorite comic writers. His work on Batman and Detective comics were the stories that first started me reading Batman.

Queen and Country was a creation of his own for ONI Press. Q&A follows Tara Chace, a Minder with Special Operations Section (SIS) on her various missions.

In a Gentleman’s Game we see a terrorist organization setting off bombs in the London underground killing numerous civilians. From there the story takes off as the SIS is assigned the task of taking action. Tara Chace is assigned the task of tracking down and taking out the mastermind behind the attacks. Which she does very well.

It was nice seeing these charecters in a new light. I really enjoyed seeing a bit more depth then you normally get in a floppy. I am really looking forward to reading the second book in this series!

The book goes to places where the comics have not gone. Going deeper into what makes Tara tick then they where able to before, while at the same time keeping the suspense and thrills intact.

Next up : book 2 in the series Private Wars


Books – Monster Nation

By David Wellington

I have to say that the only good thing about being sick is the amount of reading that I tend to get done while I am laying on my back side whining at my wife about how sick I am.

So Monster Nation

Page 1 – 27 Ok this is starting out all right…
Page 28 – 280 WOW This is a really good book!
Page 281 – 283 What? What? What is this where is it going???

When I got to the last few pages of this book I started to get confused a little… It might have been because I was sick (because of that I will probably go back and read the last forty or so pages again just to see if I got everything that was going on). My fears that I was reading a book with a ending like that of The Road was quickly put aside though, with what I thought was a perfect wrap up to this tale.

This book as of right now, is probably one of the best Zombie tales that I have read. I really Thought that the take on them was cool and even if I got just a tad confused near the end, it all came together before the last line.

I think what I liked most about this book, The story of the outbreak of the living dead and its spread across the country, is that one of the point of views that it kept visiting is that of two (dick and Nilla)of the Zombies.

I also found it a little more relaxing then some of the things that I have read as of late. So many of the books that I have read have felt they were trying way to hard to create so many characters and sub plots that they forgot that they were supposed to be telling a story.

When I read Zombie Lit one of the things that I am looking for is a good survival story, not descriptive gore. I think that the gore part of it is best left for movies and comics. This book touched on what was needed to make it a zombie tale and left the hardcore behind. The focus remained on the story.

I would give this book a four and a half out of possible five.

Next up : Greg Rucka’s : A Gentleman’s Game.

(I think I might be doing some reading on writing a good review before I do many more of these…)

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