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Artist to Watch – Brent Schoonover


One of the big things I like in artists in the comic field is when they have an Old School feel to them. A respect for the greats that have come before them if you will. Brent Schoonover has that feel.

thespiritinkedI first became aware of Brent’s work when I was working at a LCS. Brent and Brandon Terrell (the writer) had sent around promotional material for their new comic Horrorwood to encourage the shops to carry the books on their shelves. I ended up adding their comic to my pull list and it ended up being one of those titles that I didn’t read until way after all the issues had come out. When I did finally sit down and read the story, I loved it. The story, a old pulp like thriller/mystery, and Brent’s art seemed to belong together. From that point on I was hooked.

Shortly after having read the series, I ended up sitting across the aisle from them at a local convention. At the con all the artist had been asked to do a piece of art to donate to a charity auction. Brent had done a picture of Will Eisner’s The Spirit, one of my favorite comic characters. At the auction the piece quickly went for well out side of my price range much to my disappointment. Really wanting a picture of the Spirit in Brent’s style I asked him if he would be willing to do a commission for me. Since the con was wrapping up, we agreed to do the transaction using the internet and the USPS. When I received the picture(shown on the left side of this page.) from Brent I was blown away. I had expected nothing more then a quick sketch and received a full page instead. He really went above and beyond on the piece for me.

Brent in my opinion is one of the greats.


Two more sketch covers done for me at a local con. Brent is easily one of my top ten favorite artist.


Saturday Links to cool places…

Ok. I have to admit that one of the things I hate about making comics is lettering… so when I stumbled upon Your Fonts I got pretty excited about it! so far I have made three new fonts for myself with plans to do a couple more!

Michael Cho, an artist that I can never get enough of, posted a really helpful little lesson on inking this week. It was done up for a class he did a guest lecture in, man I wish I could have been in that class.

2008_1125tarkasparade080024Moving on to a different form of art… Custom Action Figures. Glorbesworld is the home of some amazing custom figures and Starconstrux has some amazing figure dioramas.

One of my favorite local talents, Brent Schoonover, was interviewed over at Comics Career. Brent is the part of the talent behind the books Horrorwood and Astronaut Dad.

Okay. That is enough for one day. I have a ton more links that I have saved this week but I’m still a little under the weather so I think it might be time to lay back down with another DVD from the Planet of the Apes box set…

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