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Books – MPC#8 Hulk : The End

Writer :
Peter David
Future Imperfect – George Perez
The End – Dale Keown

This Volume of Marvel Premiere Classics is made up of two Hulk Prestige Comics (do they even still make Prestige format comics? Cant remember the last time I saw one…). The book contains The comics Future Imperfect and Hulk : The End, both of which were written by Peter David.

I never really cared for Peter David’s work with the Hulk on the regular comic. In these two stories he does right by the big green guy.


Future Imperfect is a alternate time line of the Hulk’s. Many years after the humans have destroyed themselves via war, the Hulk survives. Not just surviving he has thrived. The fallout radiation from the war has given him new strength, the bad thing is that it has also driven him insane. 663761-hulk1qv5_super

The Hulk, now referred to as the Maestro, has rebuilt a society ruled over by himself. A rebel group led by the great grand-daughter of Rick Jones go back in time and bring the modern Hulk with them to fight the Hulk. A battle of course follows soon after his arrival in his future that ends with the Hulk wounded and the prisoner of the Maestro.

Even though I think Spoilers would not apply in a book this old I still will refrain from talking about the ending. I will just say that I thought that they did a really good job of bringing the whole story to a close in a nice round about manner.

The story seems a little rushed at times, but it is still a good story. It presents a good picture what could become of the Hulk. I think by far my favorite part of the whole book is the various images of Rick Jones’ Relic Room. It was a trip sitting there trying to pick out what all the various relics were.

Click picture to see a labeled version on Flickr.

Click picture to see a labeled version on Flickr.



Again a story of a possible future for the Hulk. In this one the Hulk and Banner are alone in a world destroyed by Nuclear War. I kind of see this one as a story of what Banner who had seen the Maestro would have done to insure that that future would not come to pass.

While I do not like this story as much as the story in Future Imperfect, I do prefer the art a lot more. I think that Keown has a better grasp of who the Hulk is then Perez did.

This story is the story of the struggle of life and death. Banner, broken lonely and old wanting to die and The Hulk, strong as ever wanting to never die. While it is an interesting tale, it just doesn’t have much of the action and fighting that one normally associates with the Hulk. Instead it is mostly words which leaves me, and I think most other Hulk fans feeling somehow cheated. We didn’t want to see the Hulk sitting in the sunset at the end of time, we wanted to see him go out with a bang in a blaze of glory…


Jeff Smith Documentary

While I love my classic comics, Jeff Smith is who really inspired me to start playing around with comics. When I saw this youtube video over on CBR/Robot 6 I about died! I can not wait until this movie is released.


TOMD – Superhero Squad Fantastic Four


I have been in love with this line of toys since it started… (and all of it’s cousins GIJOE, Star Wars and Dr.Who)

Image wise the Fantastic Four have always been one of my favorites. Having said that I have to admit that I don’t think that I have read more then 20 of their comics in my whole Comic reading life…

You can expect to be seeing a whole lot more of these guys show up here. I have tons of these… Of course most of them are in the toy box and are played with by littleduck and I… but there are some that just live on the desk.


TOMD – Howard the Duck


dsc_0022Howard the Duck…

I know I could probably get in trouble for saying this, But I really liked the Howard the Duck movie. Which makes me one of maybe ten people who admit that… altough in secret I think that the number is much higher.

91eb_1I was also a big fan of the Steve Gerber comic as well. Howard was just plain cool, and well come on… He is a DUCK. So I thought it was really cool that they where releasing him as a figure in the Marvel Legends line. The problem was that he was going to be a pack in with the Silver Surfer and I just couldnt bring myself to pay that much for another Silver Surfer figure at Marvel Legends prices.

A while later a friend, Bills, who had bought one was getting ready to get rid of some stuff at a con and Howard was one of the items. So he was nice enough to let Howard come and live on my desk…

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