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Jeff Smith Documentary

While I love my classic comics, Jeff Smith is who really inspired me to start playing around with comics. When I saw this youtube video over on CBR/Robot 6 I about died! I can not wait until this movie is released.


Books – MPC#5 Wolverine : Weapon X

This is a day early. I am going to be really busy tomorrow, so instead of setting it up to publish itself tomorrow morning i figured I would just post it now…

Who knows, maybe I will make another post that will show up tomorrow instead… if I have sometime.

Wolverine has never been a favorite of mine. I have always thought that he was an over used and a very flat character.

When I found a couple volumes of the Marvel Premiere Classic series of the Hard Covers (#5 Wolverine – Weapon X and #8 The Hulk – The End) for cheap at Half Price Books I figured I really didnt have much to lose so I picked them up.

I have to tell you, I liked Weapon X. I really did not expect to like it, but I did. I thought that the story was well done and the art was amazing. Then again, how could the art not be amazing with BWS on the book. 75827-38095-wolverine_superI have always been a fan of Barry Windsor-Smith since his days on the Conan the Barbarian book for Marvel.

The story tells how Logan is abducted by a government group who then use him for experiments as they try to create the ultimate killing machine. Needless to say, it does not go the way that they plan it to and Logan gets away one step closer to being the wolverine that we know today.

I did find it very interesting seeing what Hollywood choose to take and leave out of this story in the X-Men Origins : Wolverine movie.

The one fault I had with the story was the rhythm. When it was originally released it was in short pieces in the Marvel Comics Presents comic book series (issues #72 thru #84). The story seems to be filled with tons of little acts instead of one overall story arc.

As far as the Marvel Premiere Classic series goes, I really like the look of these books. I will soon have some more additions to my collection of these books (#6 Avengers : The Defenders War, #14 XMEN : Longshot and #22 Avengers : Hawkeye) I like how this series of hardcovers features a selection of Key Marvel stories as well as some that are off the beaten path. I also really like the look of the dust jackets for the Comic Store version of these books. I like having books on my shelf that the publishers use a consistent theme to the book design and these fit that bill.


I am so pathetic…

I know I have not been keeping up with posting to the blogs and all that, just a lot more work this semester then what I was counting on… I promise to fix that soon!

For now here is a real cool little video you should check out…


Friday Movies – The Watchmen


watchmen_teaserposterI have to be honest with you from the start. I never liked the Watchmen comic book. I really can’t think of any of Alan Moore’s work that I have liked. I know in the geek world that is pretty much considered herasy, but that is just the way it is.

Having said that, when I had a chance to actually get out of the house for something other then school and go see the movie I jumped at the chance. I have to tell you that I was really really surprised. I honestly liked this movie. In fact, I would have to say that it would take a place in my top five all time favorite comic book movies.

I think that one of the things that I appreciated the most from the movie makers was that they did not try to pack this movie with a Heavy Metal music in the hopes that it would help them move more cd’s and increase the profitable. The music that they chose seemed to fit the time that the movie was supposed to be set in as well as the scene in which it was being used.

The other thing that i really liked was the casting. I thought that the roles were well filled. Inparticular I loved the two that they had playing Rorshach and the Comedian. I thought that they fit perfectly and really brought the characters to life. watchmen-movie-13


The Reading Pile – 3/3/09

A little behind on posting about comics I have read… Going to try to do some catch up here.

Zombie Tales #10


I don’t normally read this one, but I picked it up this time because one of the stories (and the only one I am going to really write about.) was done by an internet friend. Pittsburgh’s own Pat Lewis. I always think it is fitting when some one from the birthplace of the modern zombie tells a zombie tale.

I have to say that Patrick has done his hometown proud. In his own style he has told a tale of a small town zombie outbreak in 1912. I found his story of a flim flam artist who is caught in the middle of the outbreak to be not only a good zombie tale, but a good laugh at the same time. All to often in zombie comics it is all about the body count and gore. They tend to forget what Romero showed us about being able to laugh at the undead as well.

This book is worth picking up if for no other reason then this story.


Secret Warriors #1


What can I say… I am a sucker for Nick Fury. The whole cloak and dagger spy thing just works for me. So of course Secret Warriors had to be on my read list. I really enjoyed this book. It gave Fury a chance to be a major player again and really used him well. If this is what Dark Reign is going to be about then I have to tell you that I might actually be looking forward to a crossover event for the first time since the XMEN had the XTINCTION AGENDA.

I have some other books that I would like to talk about, but I really need some rest… Maybe I will post some more tomorrow…


TOMD – Mighty Muggs Thanos


dsc_00131 Thanos Mighty Mugg
By Hasbro Toys

Hasbro created the Thanos Mighty Mugg as a comic shop exclusive available thru the Previews catalog from Diamond Distributers. Thanos was shipped along with another exclusive Mighty Mugg of the Red Skull.

I know a lot of people dont like the Mighty Muggs. They think that they are just trying to cash in on the vinyl toy craze, but man that is why I do like them! They are producing characters that I love at a price point that I can afford.

I have never been a really big fan of the Marvel Cosmic books. Until this past summer when I was so bored with everything else in comics at the moment that I decided to read The full Annihilation saga start to finish. I quickly found myself totally caught up in the story and really getting into the character of Thanos.

Some of the Mighty Muggs do lack in production value, like say the Silver Surfer, but Thanos is not one of them. Hasbro did a good job of capturing the image of Thanos on to the Figure.



Comics Comics Comics…

aa1Agents of Atlas #1

To say that I am getting pretty bored with most of the mainstream titles out there would be putting it pretty nicely. That is why I have been so drawn to picking up the titles that don’t have the big names in them as of late. Like say Agents of Atlas.

I was hoping for something adventure based out side the confines of the weight of the rest of the world (which was pretty foolish of me since it had the Dark Reign banner on the top of the cover.) so I was pretty disappointed to find Osborn prominently featured in the first issue.

Having said that I did like the story. It leaves you not really sure which way there are going… Or at least it did me, having not read any of the stuff that came before. I have to say I also like the idea of this unique blend of characters operating out of their secret underground society. Something about this story just has an oldschool feel about it to me. Which if you haven’t guessed by now is something that I really get into.

I will keep picking this one up for awhile and hope that it lives up to my expectations.


Legion of Superheroes #50

All I will say about this is that someone really should be held accountable for their crimes.

Walking Dead #58

There is a big chunk in between when I stopped reading this and when I started back up… I really need to get caught up on that.

I think that Kirkman has done a good job with this book from the start. This issue is a prime example of why I think that. Rick finally returns to his home town to find out what has become of those he left behind (and stock up on the most important of supplies). On the trip home Rick finds out that his boy and him are a lot alike and becoming more so everyday.

When this book started up, I never thought that a zombie book would last this long… or at least last this long and stay good. Kirkman continues to keep the story moving in a entertaining way while making you care for what happens to this people… which of course makes you hate them, because in the zombie apocalypse no one lives forever.

Batman #686

I have been a fan of Neil since Sandman #8. So I had to give this book a read. It was ok. I have not been happy with the whole batman universe as of late… Not since Hush anyway. I just think that it has gotten blah. The fact that they let whats his name (whose work I have never cared for in the first place.) have run of the bat has just kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.

I think that is all I will say about that one.

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