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Starbuck should have put a slug in him…

BattleStar Galactica – As much as I am loving BSG right now, I was a little let down in the episode Friday night. After the whiz bang fast pace of the previous week I think that the slowed this episode down way to far. I don’t think that a mutiny would really end that easily. Those people knew that they had gone way past the point of no return and thus I think that they would have fought to the bitter end.

I really wanted to see Gaeta and Zarek go down in a hail of bullets. The fact that they just shrugged their shoulders and said “Oh guess ya got us…” was just kind of a let down.

Supernatural – I love Sam and Dean, I think that the stories since season break have been good. Having said that I really really want them to get back to stories that move the over all myths ahead. I really liked the Siren story though.

XIII – ok. I really liked this show. (miniseries) but someone please tell me when Part 2 is on! I love me some spy thrillers and this ranks right up there with the best of them. I think that Dorf plays the role perfect and Val Kilmer plays the big bad to a T, I really wish he would do more stuff…

Heroes – Seriously I think this show is really taking off again. I love the old school Uncanny X-Men feel. Yes every story that has been told so far on this show has been a retread of a comic story, but then again correct me if I am wrong but aren’t all comics just retreads of themselves at this point? When was the last time you read something witty and new! I am liking that they have turned all the powers into fugitives who are being hunted by their own.

Ok… Red needs breakfast, I ll try to write as I watch this week…


Destroy your Television…

So what have I been watching and wasting my time away with.

Spooks Code Nine is a spin off to the popular British television show Spooks (also known as MI-5 in the UK). Code Nine takes place in 2013 after a terrorist group has set off a nuclear device in London making all of the Southern UK uninhabitable. The six episode series deals with a new and young group of spooks (slang for spy) who have been recruited to replace the decimated ranks of MI-5 that were killed in the attack. While not living up to the original series, I thought that this one did hold some promise. But unfortunately poor ratings and reviews have ended it after just one season. I think that given a little more time to find it’s footing that this show could have really taken off. A point of interest for geeks who enjoyed the Doctor Who episode “The Doctors Daughter” Georgia Moffett, who played the Doctor’s Daughter plays the role of kylie roman .

Dead Set has to be the show that I have enjoyed the most as of late. I mean come on, It has Zombies! Dead Set is a one season series, as far as I know that is all that was ever intended and their will be no follow up. With this kind of story that is the way it should be. Dead Set is the story of the Zombie Apocalypse. Taking place in the UK the outbreak rapidly spread and soon the country is wiped out. Well all most. It would seem that the zombies are not big fans of Big Brother, because the people in the Big Brother house are fine and totally unaware of what has taken place without them… The show over the course of five episodes deals with them finding out what has taken place outside and their struggle to survive. While the series starts off a little slow as it sets everything up it quickly picks up and becomes a great Zombie show.

No Heroics is up next. No Heroics is the story of a world where Superheroes are common place. Taking place mainly in a superhero bar, The Fortress . The show follows a group of inept would be heroes as they go thru their lives wishing that they were better. This show is a trip for any comic geek. Full of rips on the whole superhero genre and in jokes. A second series of episodes is planned for this series.

Survivors is a remake of the classic BBC series of the same name that aired for three seasons from 1975 to 1977. This show retells the original story while at the same time changing it up enough to keep those who have seen the original interested. Dealing with a world that has had the majority of its population wiped out by a plague, this show follows a group of survivors as they band together and try to survive in a world where rules and laws no longer exists. The BBC did a great job in casting this series (Another point of interest for geeks who enjoy Doctor Who Freema Agyeman, who played the Doctor’s Companion, Martha Jones, plays the role of Jenny Collins .). I found myself hating the right people and really concerned about what happened to others. I was very glad to hear that this show was picked up for a second season.

Heroes. I finally caught up on the current season of Heroes. (except for last nights I have to wait for that to show up online so I can watch it.) I really don’t see what everyone was having a problem with. I mean come on its a Superhero show… You know, like a comic book. Yeah the story lines are out there and death doesn’t seem to be permanent to anyone, but isn’t that they way comics are? I enjoyed the first half of the season, but even more I am looking forward to the second half. One of my all time favorite comic book story lines was the Uncanny X-Men’s Days of Future Past. and the second half of the season looks like it will be taking a page from that play book! I missed last nights episode because I instead choose to watch….

24 I love Jack Bauer. I have always been a major Keifer Sutherland fan. Have always enjoyed 24. having said that, I think that the first six hours of this year have been a little weak. I thought that the story was dragging and I just really didn’t care for any of the supporting characters. I thought that the whole story line with the presidents husband was kind of a lame distraction from the real story. After hour seven last night I am really hopeful that this is all about to change and everything is going to come together and the pace will pick up.

Shows still on my to watch list
Being Human
Survivors 1976
Survivors 1977
Sarah Jane Adventures S02
Merlin S01 (yes I am going to watch it all inspite of how bad I thought E1 was.)
Apparitions S01
Eleventh Hour (the original BBC miniseries.)

Shows I have been watching but didnt talk about.

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