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Artist to Watch – Michael Cho


drfate_drstrange_blue_choNot going to write much about Michael Cho. I really dont know much about him at all. If I remember right I found his art via Michael May’s blog, and have been following his work ever since.

I love his use of single colors in his work. I really think that it gives a cool feel to his drawings. By using the one color, he makes it so that the lines of the picture are what grabs your eye first and not a vibrant stand out color of a picture.

More then anything,I love his none superhero art. His pictures of everyday people and normal settings. I think that he does a wonderful job of capturing a feeling of a person in his pictures. His drawings of locations give a feel of an old photograph. Kind of a nostalgic feeling of a place you haven’t seen in a long time when you look at them.



Saturday Links to cool places…

Ok. I have to admit that one of the things I hate about making comics is lettering… so when I stumbled upon Your Fonts I got pretty excited about it! so far I have made three new fonts for myself with plans to do a couple more!

Michael Cho, an artist that I can never get enough of, posted a really helpful little lesson on inking this week. It was done up for a class he did a guest lecture in, man I wish I could have been in that class.

2008_1125tarkasparade080024Moving on to a different form of art… Custom Action Figures. Glorbesworld is the home of some amazing custom figures and Starconstrux has some amazing figure dioramas.

One of my favorite local talents, Brent Schoonover, was interviewed over at Comics Career. Brent is the part of the talent behind the books Horrorwood and Astronaut Dad.

Okay. That is enough for one day. I have a ton more links that I have saved this week but I’m still a little under the weather so I think it might be time to lay back down with another DVD from the Planet of the Apes box set…

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