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Where I go on about TV…

The Networks have started to announce their fall line ups…


and the’s score card for the new season…

Might as well start with what is already on the air…So The Sarah Conner Chronicles are dead… No new season there. That isn’t really a surprise as much as I liked the show I just had a feeling that it couldn’t last long. Fringe and Dollhouse are both back for another season… I have to tell you though, I got bored with both series and stopped watching midseason. Shows that are coming back that I am really happy about include Supernatural, 24, heroes and Lost. I have not seen a single episode of Chuck this season so I am not sure how I feel about that one getting renewed…I wonder if they have all the eps online…(nope just ep 12 thru 22… so sad.)

Now to move onto the new stuff Flash-Forward looks like it could be interesting… I will probably catch it for the first couple episodes at the very least… And of course it is the final season for LOST. Which strangely makes me happy. I am really glad that they are taking it to an end before they lose direction like X FILES did.

Happy Town isnt really a show that sounds like it falls into the standard geek realm, but I am planning on checking it out for the simple reason then it is set in my home state.

I am looking forward to The Re-imagining that ABC is doing for V. V has always been a favorite of mine and I really look forward to seeing it updated. Like T:SCC I really question if it has what it would take to maintain an audience on network TV, the SciFi channel, yeah. Not on ABC…

As for Vampire Diaries? Seriously? are the Twilight people going to sue on this one?

Merlin I already saw as the original BBC release. I think it is really cool that they are just going to air it as is instead of creating a new version and then destroying the ending like they did with Life on Mars.

Human Target is based on a comic that I really liked so I am looking forward to that, I mean after all it can not be any worse then the previous verison that they did with Rick Springfield… and the teaser clips that I have seen so far have looked pretty good.

Ok… enough for now… back to the real world…


Starbuck should have put a slug in him…

BattleStar Galactica – As much as I am loving BSG right now, I was a little let down in the episode Friday night. After the whiz bang fast pace of the previous week I think that the slowed this episode down way to far. I don’t think that a mutiny would really end that easily. Those people knew that they had gone way past the point of no return and thus I think that they would have fought to the bitter end.

I really wanted to see Gaeta and Zarek go down in a hail of bullets. The fact that they just shrugged their shoulders and said “Oh guess ya got us…” was just kind of a let down.

Supernatural – I love Sam and Dean, I think that the stories since season break have been good. Having said that I really really want them to get back to stories that move the over all myths ahead. I really liked the Siren story though.

XIII – ok. I really liked this show. (miniseries) but someone please tell me when Part 2 is on! I love me some spy thrillers and this ranks right up there with the best of them. I think that Dorf plays the role perfect and Val Kilmer plays the big bad to a T, I really wish he would do more stuff…

Heroes – Seriously I think this show is really taking off again. I love the old school Uncanny X-Men feel. Yes every story that has been told so far on this show has been a retread of a comic story, but then again correct me if I am wrong but aren’t all comics just retreads of themselves at this point? When was the last time you read something witty and new! I am liking that they have turned all the powers into fugitives who are being hunted by their own.

Ok… Red needs breakfast, I ll try to write as I watch this week…

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