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Friday Movies – The Watchmen


watchmen_teaserposterI have to be honest with you from the start. I never liked the Watchmen comic book. I really can’t think of any of Alan Moore’s work that I have liked. I know in the geek world that is pretty much considered herasy, but that is just the way it is.

Having said that, when I had a chance to actually get out of the house for something other then school and go see the movie I jumped at the chance. I have to tell you that I was really really surprised. I honestly liked this movie. In fact, I would have to say that it would take a place in my top five all time favorite comic book movies.

I think that one of the things that I appreciated the most from the movie makers was that they did not try to pack this movie with a Heavy Metal music in the hopes that it would help them move more cd’s and increase the profitable. The music that they chose seemed to fit the time that the movie was supposed to be set in as well as the scene in which it was being used.

The other thing that i really liked was the casting. I thought that the roles were well filled. Inparticular I loved the two that they had playing Rorshach and the Comedian. I thought that they fit perfectly and really brought the characters to life. watchmen-movie-13


Sundays Streaming Videos

Have to start with the trailer for the new season of Torchwood… If you can all it a season… Really looking forward to this!

I havent really been looking forward to Dollhouse, I know that will probably cost me a lot of geek points with my friends but I really did like this preview for the new Friday night line up.

I loved this video. These guys spoil all the ending of movies for you!

Watched a number of GIJOE videos this week. Like this one that recreates THE THING:

and this one… for a little more humor…

and then there is this, People really need to get a grip…

and this one…

The thing that scares me is that these people really seem to think this is real.

The newest AD video for the Watchmen has shown up on the internet…

And Vader would be pround????

and you have to end on a laugh!

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