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The Reading Pile – 3/3/09

A little behind on posting about comics I have read… Going to try to do some catch up here.

Zombie Tales #10


I don’t normally read this one, but I picked it up this time because one of the stories (and the only one I am going to really write about.) was done by an internet friend. Pittsburgh’s own Pat Lewis. I always think it is fitting when some one from the birthplace of the modern zombie tells a zombie tale.

I have to say that Patrick has done his hometown proud. In his own style he has told a tale of a small town zombie outbreak in 1912. I found his story of a flim flam artist who is caught in the middle of the outbreak to be not only a good zombie tale, but a good laugh at the same time. All to often in zombie comics it is all about the body count and gore. They tend to forget what Romero showed us about being able to laugh at the undead as well.

This book is worth picking up if for no other reason then this story.


Secret Warriors #1


What can I say… I am a sucker for Nick Fury. The whole cloak and dagger spy thing just works for me. So of course Secret Warriors had to be on my read list. I really enjoyed this book. It gave Fury a chance to be a major player again and really used him well. If this is what Dark Reign is going to be about then I have to tell you that I might actually be looking forward to a crossover event for the first time since the XMEN had the XTINCTION AGENDA.

I have some other books that I would like to talk about, but I really need some rest… Maybe I will post some more tomorrow…


Books – Monster Island


Monster Island
By David Wellington
Identify the book by author, title, and sometimes publishing information.

Monster Island is the first volume of the Monster Trilogy by David Wellington. The Monster Trilogy (Island,Nation and Planet) take place in a world that has been or is about to be over run by zombies. In other words, my kind of book.

David Wellington has chosen to present his novels in a very unique way. His novels are first presented online on his website blog a chapter at a time (yes, that is where I got the idea to post my Piper May story online.). A friend of mine. Jason Marcy, had posted about him on his blog and I had to check it out. I did end up reading one of his novels online, but for the rest I ended up buying them (partially to support him as an author and also because I wanted to be able to read them laying in bed…)

In Monster Island, the zombie plauge has already swept across the world, pockets of huhmanity survive. For the most part the earth is ruled by the undead. In Africa a warlord has saved who she could, but now she faces a problem. In a world overrun by zombies there is no flow of the AIDS medication that she needs to survive. In a desperate attempt to stay alive she sends Dekalb, a UN weapons inspector that she has kept alive, to New York in hopes of finding a stock pile of the drugs she needs. Dekalb finds himself with no choice but to honor her request since his young daughter will be held hostage until he returns.

The rest of the story unfolds as they reach New York via boat and proceed to search for the drugs while trying to avoid the undead of New York.

This book, being the first of the series was actually the second one that I read. Even though I read out of order nothing was really ruined for me. While the first and second book take place in the same world, they are only loosely connected. It is very important to have read Monster Island before Monster World though. I really enjoyed this book. Much more so then Monster Nation. I found the book to be a little more action filled and suspensful then it’s sequal.

Monster Island is a great book (dont get me wrong so is Monster Nation, Island is just better.) and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes horror or Zombie stories.


Comics Comics Comics…

aa1Agents of Atlas #1

To say that I am getting pretty bored with most of the mainstream titles out there would be putting it pretty nicely. That is why I have been so drawn to picking up the titles that don’t have the big names in them as of late. Like say Agents of Atlas.

I was hoping for something adventure based out side the confines of the weight of the rest of the world (which was pretty foolish of me since it had the Dark Reign banner on the top of the cover.) so I was pretty disappointed to find Osborn prominently featured in the first issue.

Having said that I did like the story. It leaves you not really sure which way there are going… Or at least it did me, having not read any of the stuff that came before. I have to say I also like the idea of this unique blend of characters operating out of their secret underground society. Something about this story just has an oldschool feel about it to me. Which if you haven’t guessed by now is something that I really get into.

I will keep picking this one up for awhile and hope that it lives up to my expectations.


Legion of Superheroes #50

All I will say about this is that someone really should be held accountable for their crimes.

Walking Dead #58

There is a big chunk in between when I stopped reading this and when I started back up… I really need to get caught up on that.

I think that Kirkman has done a good job with this book from the start. This issue is a prime example of why I think that. Rick finally returns to his home town to find out what has become of those he left behind (and stock up on the most important of supplies). On the trip home Rick finds out that his boy and him are a lot alike and becoming more so everyday.

When this book started up, I never thought that a zombie book would last this long… or at least last this long and stay good. Kirkman continues to keep the story moving in a entertaining way while making you care for what happens to this people… which of course makes you hate them, because in the zombie apocalypse no one lives forever.

Batman #686

I have been a fan of Neil since Sandman #8. So I had to give this book a read. It was ok. I have not been happy with the whole batman universe as of late… Not since Hush anyway. I just think that it has gotten blah. The fact that they let whats his name (whose work I have never cared for in the first place.) have run of the bat has just kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.

I think that is all I will say about that one.


Books – Monster Nation

By David Wellington

I have to say that the only good thing about being sick is the amount of reading that I tend to get done while I am laying on my back side whining at my wife about how sick I am.

So Monster Nation

Page 1 – 27 Ok this is starting out all right…
Page 28 – 280 WOW This is a really good book!
Page 281 – 283 What? What? What is this where is it going???

When I got to the last few pages of this book I started to get confused a little… It might have been because I was sick (because of that I will probably go back and read the last forty or so pages again just to see if I got everything that was going on). My fears that I was reading a book with a ending like that of The Road was quickly put aside though, with what I thought was a perfect wrap up to this tale.

This book as of right now, is probably one of the best Zombie tales that I have read. I really Thought that the take on them was cool and even if I got just a tad confused near the end, it all came together before the last line.

I think what I liked most about this book, The story of the outbreak of the living dead and its spread across the country, is that one of the point of views that it kept visiting is that of two (dick and Nilla)of the Zombies.

I also found it a little more relaxing then some of the things that I have read as of late. So many of the books that I have read have felt they were trying way to hard to create so many characters and sub plots that they forgot that they were supposed to be telling a story.

When I read Zombie Lit one of the things that I am looking for is a good survival story, not descriptive gore. I think that the gore part of it is best left for movies and comics. This book touched on what was needed to make it a zombie tale and left the hardcore behind. The focus remained on the story.

I would give this book a four and a half out of possible five.

Next up : Greg Rucka’s : A Gentleman’s Game.

(I think I might be doing some reading on writing a good review before I do many more of these…)


More streaming videos so that I can clean out my saved links!

Has to be one of the most accurate spoofs I have ever seen!

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work

A cool street artist making big time success…

some valuable info for anyone thinking of creating a webcomic:

Some Zombie Lovin’

Some LOTR geeks with just a little bit of time and talent on their hands…

A cool little tutorial on how to draw hands that I have found helpful…
the video was done by Mark Crilley and I seriously think I am going to make my way thru all of his tutorials.

and one on drawing with a WACOM tablet:

Draw a Skull with a Wacom Tablet from Go Media on Vimeo.

And Just because I love Johnny Cash and Zombies and think that these two are a perfect combination…

And Sarah and Johnny…

And we will end the week with a little Kirby love. Cant get enough of the mans work.


Destroy your Television…

So what have I been watching and wasting my time away with.

Spooks Code Nine is a spin off to the popular British television show Spooks (also known as MI-5 in the UK). Code Nine takes place in 2013 after a terrorist group has set off a nuclear device in London making all of the Southern UK uninhabitable. The six episode series deals with a new and young group of spooks (slang for spy) who have been recruited to replace the decimated ranks of MI-5 that were killed in the attack. While not living up to the original series, I thought that this one did hold some promise. But unfortunately poor ratings and reviews have ended it after just one season. I think that given a little more time to find it’s footing that this show could have really taken off. A point of interest for geeks who enjoyed the Doctor Who episode “The Doctors Daughter” Georgia Moffett, who played the Doctor’s Daughter plays the role of kylie roman .

Dead Set has to be the show that I have enjoyed the most as of late. I mean come on, It has Zombies! Dead Set is a one season series, as far as I know that is all that was ever intended and their will be no follow up. With this kind of story that is the way it should be. Dead Set is the story of the Zombie Apocalypse. Taking place in the UK the outbreak rapidly spread and soon the country is wiped out. Well all most. It would seem that the zombies are not big fans of Big Brother, because the people in the Big Brother house are fine and totally unaware of what has taken place without them… The show over the course of five episodes deals with them finding out what has taken place outside and their struggle to survive. While the series starts off a little slow as it sets everything up it quickly picks up and becomes a great Zombie show.

No Heroics is up next. No Heroics is the story of a world where Superheroes are common place. Taking place mainly in a superhero bar, The Fortress . The show follows a group of inept would be heroes as they go thru their lives wishing that they were better. This show is a trip for any comic geek. Full of rips on the whole superhero genre and in jokes. A second series of episodes is planned for this series.

Survivors is a remake of the classic BBC series of the same name that aired for three seasons from 1975 to 1977. This show retells the original story while at the same time changing it up enough to keep those who have seen the original interested. Dealing with a world that has had the majority of its population wiped out by a plague, this show follows a group of survivors as they band together and try to survive in a world where rules and laws no longer exists. The BBC did a great job in casting this series (Another point of interest for geeks who enjoy Doctor Who Freema Agyeman, who played the Doctor’s Companion, Martha Jones, plays the role of Jenny Collins .). I found myself hating the right people and really concerned about what happened to others. I was very glad to hear that this show was picked up for a second season.

Heroes. I finally caught up on the current season of Heroes. (except for last nights I have to wait for that to show up online so I can watch it.) I really don’t see what everyone was having a problem with. I mean come on its a Superhero show… You know, like a comic book. Yeah the story lines are out there and death doesn’t seem to be permanent to anyone, but isn’t that they way comics are? I enjoyed the first half of the season, but even more I am looking forward to the second half. One of my all time favorite comic book story lines was the Uncanny X-Men’s Days of Future Past. and the second half of the season looks like it will be taking a page from that play book! I missed last nights episode because I instead choose to watch….

24 I love Jack Bauer. I have always been a major Keifer Sutherland fan. Have always enjoyed 24. having said that, I think that the first six hours of this year have been a little weak. I thought that the story was dragging and I just really didn’t care for any of the supporting characters. I thought that the whole story line with the presidents husband was kind of a lame distraction from the real story. After hour seven last night I am really hopeful that this is all about to change and everything is going to come together and the pace will pick up.

Shows still on my to watch list
Being Human
Survivors 1976
Survivors 1977
Sarah Jane Adventures S02
Merlin S01 (yes I am going to watch it all inspite of how bad I thought E1 was.)
Apparitions S01
Eleventh Hour (the original BBC miniseries.)

Shows I have been watching but didnt talk about.


a video for zombie fans… and people who like to laugh.

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