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Junk on the Internet…

Hey Check it out it is my 101st post in this blog and it is totally lame!!!

Time to clean the tabs out and post some of the stuff I have been saving to blog about.

I am a big fan of David Peterson’s MouseGuard. I would love for them to release these custom figures so I could buy them all up and set them up on my desk to keep me company.


Over on COMICARTFANS I ran across this 3D rendition of Silver Surfer #72 From there I went over to the artist website, I am really thinking of doing one of these myself.
Here are a couple others that I like:


The Beast from The XMEN (and the Avengers, Champions, Defenders, New Defenders, X-Factor and back to the XMEN again…) has always been my favorite mutant in the Marvel Universe. This card shows his his bouncy style in all of his glory. Terrax, I dont know much about other then he is tied back to Galactus. I just like the character design on the guy!

Logan’s Run has been rumored to be in development for a reboot movie for a long time now, long enough for no one to believe it anymore. What Logan fans can believe in and look forward to is the New LOGAN’S RUN comic coming from bluewater! CBR got some previews of the artwork.

Could write more, should write more… going to stop instead…

here is a video to end the post:


TOMD – Kit Fisto


Yet another Background character from Star Wars. Although he does get more screen time then most, and a lot more in the various cartoons. Sadly like most of the Jedi Kit met an untimly end in Revenge of the Sith. So far I have three different versions of Kit Sitting on my desk. The Mini Galactic Hero version, One of the Action figures and The Kit Fisto bust.



TOMD – Howard the Duck


dsc_0022Howard the Duck…

I know I could probably get in trouble for saying this, But I really liked the Howard the Duck movie. Which makes me one of maybe ten people who admit that… altough in secret I think that the number is much higher.

91eb_1I was also a big fan of the Steve Gerber comic as well. Howard was just plain cool, and well come on… He is a DUCK. So I thought it was really cool that they where releasing him as a figure in the Marvel Legends line. The problem was that he was going to be a pack in with the Silver Surfer and I just couldnt bring myself to pay that much for another Silver Surfer figure at Marvel Legends prices.

A while later a friend, Bills, who had bought one was getting ready to get rid of some stuff at a con and Howard was one of the items. So he was nice enough to let Howard come and live on my desk…


TOMD – Star Wars Commander Cody

Commander Cody Mask

Commander Cody Mask

I don’t know what it says about me that most of my favorite characters from the Star Wars movies are minor background characters (and that is when they aren’t just background!).

Cody Figures

Cody Figures

Commander Cody is a prime example. Although he does have more lines then a lot of the characters I am so fond of Cody really does not have much screen time. I found the clones in general to be rather lacking in appearance and a little boring when they first showed up but when I saw some of the commanders and specialty troops I was a little more happy.


Of all the designs though Cody fast became my favorite for the style of his helmet and the use of Orange in his armor. Cody is one of the few toys who makes multiple appearances upon my desk.


Saturday Links to cool places…

Ok. I have to admit that one of the things I hate about making comics is lettering… so when I stumbled upon Your Fonts I got pretty excited about it! so far I have made three new fonts for myself with plans to do a couple more!

Michael Cho, an artist that I can never get enough of, posted a really helpful little lesson on inking this week. It was done up for a class he did a guest lecture in, man I wish I could have been in that class.

2008_1125tarkasparade080024Moving on to a different form of art… Custom Action Figures. Glorbesworld is the home of some amazing custom figures and Starconstrux has some amazing figure dioramas.

One of my favorite local talents, Brent Schoonover, was interviewed over at Comics Career. Brent is the part of the talent behind the books Horrorwood and Astronaut Dad.

Okay. That is enough for one day. I have a ton more links that I have saved this week but I’m still a little under the weather so I think it might be time to lay back down with another DVD from the Planet of the Apes box set…

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