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Summer Commissions Open…

Have a lot of free time on my hands and I am willing to draw pretty pictures for anyone who wants them…



The Monday morning after a busy weekend…

Wow, Lot of people checking out my blog all of a sudden!

If any of you want to check me out in my other homes on the internet you can find the links in the column to the right under the HOD links.

I will also be getting back into the regular schedule for updates starting next Monday, if not earlier.

I finished some commission cards last week:


I didn’t like how the background on the Tauntaun turned out but overall I had a lot of fun doing these cards. I had never done Ackbar before so that was a lot of fun.

I ended up picking up a bunch of commissions at the Convention Sunday afternoon so you can expect to be seeing a lot more art posts in the next week or so.

Plus next sunday is the end of my class, so hey lots more free time!


Also I have some sketchbooks left from the convention, anyone who is interested in getting one can email me at houseofduck at gmail dot com. They are $2.50 and that is with postage.

or you can get a sketchcard commission with a sketchbook for $12.00

(postage outside USA might cost a little more please ask for price.)

ok, time for me to get back to work!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table and said Hello!


Artist to Watch – Patrick Schoenmaker



A lot of the artist I follow I first found from their work on doing sketch cards for various trading card sets.

081106_moseisley01_smallPatrick Schoenmaker is one of those artist. I am not really sure if I can explain what it is about his work that I like. There is just something about it that appeals to me. So seriously take a couple minutes and just go out there and check out what he does!



Artist to Watch! – Otis Frampton


Otis Frampton‘s Oddly Normal was the first webcomic that I really truly fell in love with. Even though the webcomic has long since gone the way of the Dodo, I still remember it as the work that showed me that a webcomic could be more then just a gag strip.

ff_by_otisframptonSince then Oddly Normal has gone on to be a series of Graphic Novels. Volume One wrapped up what had begun in the webcomic with art and story done by Otis. From that point on, Oddly Normal was written by Otis, and drawn by some other great artist. Volume Two had the art provided by Sergio Quijada. Volume Three was Illustrated by Jessica Hickman and Volume Four will be drawn by previous artist to watch Katie Cook.

Oddly Normal is not the end of Otis’s coolness. It goes on from there. Otis has provided sketch cards for a number of different trading card sets. As well as working on developing a number of other new properties of his own which he frequently previews on his website.

Otis is also one of the hosts of a podcast created by him and his buddy Marc Deering called The Words & Pictures Podcast. This podcast is one of my favorite things to listen to while I am drawing, it is both entertaining and at informational! You can also see Otis showing off his skills almost nightly on his USTREAM page as he videocasts while he works (he is drawing a cool drawing of marvel’s Warlock as I write this!) on his art.



Artist to Watch – Katie Cook


shaun_of_the_dead_by_katiecookieBack when I was working on creating a story titled Abbie and the Monsters I did a whole bunch of web searches to make sure I wasnt using a name that already exsisted somewhere else. when I was doing that I came across The Mosters Republic of Monstairia. a webcomic by Brodie H. Brockie with art done by Katie Cook. That was my discovery of the genius that is Katie Cook.

Katie is best described (in my opinion as well as half of the internet I would think.) as the queen of cute. Her talent doesnt end with cute though.

Katie is one of those talented people who seem to have a perfect eye for layout. Her pages look wonderful As seen in Myspace Dark Horse Presents #4 “Tricks of the Trade” and her issues of the online Star Wars comic.) and her sketch cards are amazing. This ability at layout makes her one of the greats at sketch cards. Where some artist well create a multi-card set to be put into packs that will leave someone with a card of a shoulder or something equally lame or stupid Katie makes everysingle card something a collector would love to have.

My favorite all time piece of Katie art though, has to be the drawing she did for me of my family as Hobbits!




This by far is the least favorite thing I have done in a long time. It is a cartoon reproduction of Hulk #254 which was one of the first 12 comics I received as a child.

Feb 09 Sketch a Day hulk# 254 - X-Ray

I screwed up a lot on this one from the layout to the coloring. I am walking away from it for now, but I will probably come back and recreate it at some point…

My goal is to recreate all twelve of those covers in a series of cartoonish drawings that are 5 x 7 that I will then use as art around my studio space…


28 Days of Drawing

This month each day I will be doing a picture of one of the BLIST villians from Marvel… Here is the first three days worth!
Feb 09 Sketch a Day hulk# 254 - X-Ray

To start off the month I have choosen a Hulk cover where those Fantastic Four wannabee’s The UFOES show up!

Feb 1ST Ironclad
Feb 2ND Vapor
Feb 3RD X-Ray

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