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Artist to Watch – Amy Mebberson

Deviant Art Page


Another fine artist that I probably would have never been exposed to if not for her page on Deviant Art. Amy is a former Disney artist who is now working producing Pixar and Muppets comics for Boom Studios.


Like Katie Cook’s art Amy’s art has that playful fun feel to it that I think is missing in so much of the art these days.

In her picture Nightcrawler once again has that feel of a playful elf and not a troubled demon that all the stories seem to want to portray him as these days.

Since I have been picking up the Boom Disney/Pixar/Muppets books I am sure the little red and I are going to be getting to enjoy her art a lot more in the coming months!


The piece of hers that is my favorite right now has to be this quickie pic of Uhura (click image to be taken to a larger version.) It has that old Childrens book painting feel to it that I am so into right now! I am really hoping to see some more posts from her in this style in the future…


UPDATE : Since I started writing this I have found out via previews that she will be handling the art on Muppets : Peter Pan and Monsters Inc.
I am really excited about the Monsters Inc. book, Monsters Inc. and the Incredibles are my two favorite Pixar films!



Junk on the Internet…

Hey Check it out it is my 101st post in this blog and it is totally lame!!!

Time to clean the tabs out and post some of the stuff I have been saving to blog about.

I am a big fan of David Peterson’s MouseGuard. I would love for them to release these custom figures so I could buy them all up and set them up on my desk to keep me company.


Over on COMICARTFANS I ran across this 3D rendition of Silver Surfer #72 From there I went over to the artist website, I am really thinking of doing one of these myself.
Here are a couple others that I like:


The Beast from The XMEN (and the Avengers, Champions, Defenders, New Defenders, X-Factor and back to the XMEN again…) has always been my favorite mutant in the Marvel Universe. This card shows his his bouncy style in all of his glory. Terrax, I dont know much about other then he is tied back to Galactus. I just like the character design on the guy!

Logan’s Run has been rumored to be in development for a reboot movie for a long time now, long enough for no one to believe it anymore. What Logan fans can believe in and look forward to is the New LOGAN’S RUN comic coming from bluewater! CBR got some previews of the artwork.

Could write more, should write more… going to stop instead…

here is a video to end the post:


Geek Day!

Work got cancelled today & wife is taking the daughter out for a girls night out, I declare today Classic Geek Movie and Drawing Day!

Last Man on Earth (In honor of VP birthday)
Planet of the Apes
The Land that Time Forgot
The People that Time Forgot
Escape from New York
Star Wars : A New Hop
Star Trek II : The Wrath of Kahn
The Thing

First up for art is to wrap up the painting that I am working on… then I am open to suggestions!


Comic Babbles…

Time to babble about some of the books that I have read as of late…

UNCANNY X-MEN 510 – If I remember right this book was pushed as the return of Psylocke???? Well for a return of a character you couldn’t have had much more of a lame story. I dont think the story moved forward more then a centimeter in the whole book, and well if a character is coming back I guess I would like a little more then a few action panels and a handful of lines of dialogue.

War of Kings – I have to admit that I had no plans to read this. I thought that it was just another one of the follow ups to House of M–>Civil War–>Secret Invasion–>etc. I did not realize that it was a) It was by DNA and b) That it was part of the whole marvel cosmic universe. It wasn’t until I caught up with my reading of NOVA and Guardians of the Galaxy (two of my top five favorite comics being done today.) that I realized what it was. Having read issue one thru three in one sitting I have to tell you that this story is looking to be right on par with Annihilation and Annihilation : Conquest. Once again DNA are setting us up for a major blow up in space, this time between the Shiaar and the Kree, with all my favorite Cosmic characters and some of my favorite XMEN thrown in for extra fun. I can not say enough positive about this series… Now I just have to hunt down the Tie-ins.

Wolverine 73 – Haven’t read this one yet. I am really really annoyed with this whole we are going to delay releasing the end of a story line so we can release an issue that will fit with the movie release better first game they are doing. I will wait until after issue 72 is released and then read 73.

Secret Warriors #4- Another one of my current top five. I am really loving having a book that features Nick Fury in a major role. The return of DumDum and Gabe in this issue really added to that. I am looking forward to seeing the boys pull their little army together and start kicking some serious osborn and HYDRA butt.


Just some silly stuff…

Seriously, I should post some comic and book stuff tonight. With a little luck after red goes to sleep I will. For now, here are is a silly cat picture I liked and some other silly stuff…

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

And seriously, I really really want one of these:



Where I go on about TV…

The Networks have started to announce their fall line ups…


and the’s score card for the new season…

Might as well start with what is already on the air…So The Sarah Conner Chronicles are dead… No new season there. That isn’t really a surprise as much as I liked the show I just had a feeling that it couldn’t last long. Fringe and Dollhouse are both back for another season… I have to tell you though, I got bored with both series and stopped watching midseason. Shows that are coming back that I am really happy about include Supernatural, 24, heroes and Lost. I have not seen a single episode of Chuck this season so I am not sure how I feel about that one getting renewed…I wonder if they have all the eps online…(nope just ep 12 thru 22… so sad.)

Now to move onto the new stuff Flash-Forward looks like it could be interesting… I will probably catch it for the first couple episodes at the very least… And of course it is the final season for LOST. Which strangely makes me happy. I am really glad that they are taking it to an end before they lose direction like X FILES did.

Happy Town isnt really a show that sounds like it falls into the standard geek realm, but I am planning on checking it out for the simple reason then it is set in my home state.

I am looking forward to The Re-imagining that ABC is doing for V. V has always been a favorite of mine and I really look forward to seeing it updated. Like T:SCC I really question if it has what it would take to maintain an audience on network TV, the SciFi channel, yeah. Not on ABC…

As for Vampire Diaries? Seriously? are the Twilight people going to sue on this one?

Merlin I already saw as the original BBC release. I think it is really cool that they are just going to air it as is instead of creating a new version and then destroying the ending like they did with Life on Mars.

Human Target is based on a comic that I really liked so I am looking forward to that, I mean after all it can not be any worse then the previous verison that they did with Rick Springfield… and the teaser clips that I have seen so far have looked pretty good.

Ok… enough for now… back to the real world…


TOMD – More Marvel Superhero Squad


I had never really read much when it came to Hawkeye, and I had only read slightly more when it came to Captain America. Like so many other charecters though there has always been something that appealed to me about their costume design.

As of late I have been reading a lot of Captain America, and enjoying it. I have also been getting more exposure to Hawkeye in some of the current Marvel titles. He seems to come with a lot of baggage. Still though I like him. I plan on finding out a whole lot more on his back story. I recently added the Marvel Premiere Classic Hardcover focusing on Hawkeye to my collection.HAWKEYE_MPHC_DM

Captain America and Hawkeye were released together in one of the very first waves of the toy line. I know Captain America has gone on to have a number of different versions released, but I dont ever remember seeing another version of Hawkeye.

The two pack of these heroes can frequently be found on Ebay, and most of the time at a pretty reasonable price.

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